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FINACAT – Finnish Association of Cognitive Analytic Therapists

Cognitive analytic therapy came to Finland through the CAT contacts of professor (emer.) Mikael Leiman. He trained in the first CAT training 1986-88 in Finland with Anthony Ryle as an invited  lecturer. CAT training continued in the beginning of the nineties with the FATCATs, Finnish trainers of CAT, and from 1995 on with FINACAT contribution.

To become an accredited CAT psychotherapist in Finland takes 4 years. After that you can take part in the 2,5-3 year advanced training and become a CAT supervisor and  get a CAT trainer’s diploma  with a portfolio of projects in CAT, with experience as a CAT supervisor and with experience as a trainer in CAT basic trainings. Finland does not have CAT practioner level.

All psychotherapy training in Finland after 1.1.2012 has to be organized in co-operation with the universities with either psychology or psychiatry departments. FINACAT has been seeking training partners in spring 2012 successfully. In January 2013 a four year long CAT psychotherapist training will be starting in cooperation with Helsinki University. We have also other options still under negotiations.

Board of members

Soile Tikkanen, chair ( )

Leena Särkelä, vice chair (

Pirkka Haanpää (

Mirka Joronen (

Leena Särkelä (

Helena Lönnfors (

Päivi Hannula (

Pasi Raassina (

Matti Kurronen (

Minna Jentze von- Bonsdorff (

Jonna Widemark, secretary of FINACAT, (

Address of FINACAT office:  Kognitiivis-analyyttinen psykoterapiayhdistys ry ,

c/o Jonna Widemark Punahilkantie 12 a 4, 00820 Helsinki